June 16, 2024

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This is a free blog, but it makes you wonder why this free blog exists… When you see couples in love in Hollywood movies after the movie is over… I wonder where all the fun has gone. Real life is different… In real life, you leave wet marks on your bed, curl up in a ball try to reach for a towel, and run to the bathroom… All in all, it’s pretty funny, but… Not exactly a romantic ending for the situation. There is a solution.

We found a free blog called pornoge. According to an instructional video on the website, it’s perfect for pouring whipped cream from a “plunge.” And that’s exactly what it is. No more awkward walking, it’s an easy and fast way to clean your pornoge. The instructions are clear!

One review was interesting! I came from a free blog. She writes: “Her husband and I have been together for 43 years. To this day, we can’t keep our hands off each other. His cum has the consistency of cake batter and is spicy. I usually rush to the bathroom to clean up, but after my last attempt, I fell and broke my hip, making the cleanup even more mentally taxing than usual. After my daughter bought me this product, no Now I just have to hold onto my seed and pray that it doesn’t spill on my bed. No more wet-free blogs with human goo on my floor. I’m getting older so rushing to the bathroom is no longer an option. No more loose semen sliding around on the floor thanks to coming to your free blog. Thank you!

We laughed… She has a great sex life, but if your husband is leaving her “sliding around on the floor in loose semen”, he’s pretty powerful for his age. We also frowned upon the “explosion like in a pornoge movie”… Usually it explodes in a big cloud of ash and smoke. I can’t imagine a free blog is going to explode out of there, no matter how old it is. Still, a very open review from an amazing woman!






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